• Evening Dresses
    Evening Dresses

    Browse our different dresses to choose the perfect dress for an unforgettable evening!

  • Wedding Dress
    Wedding Dress

    Wedding Dresses

    EDressit is a reliable website in the field of purchase online cheap wedding dress. Our wedding dresses are ideal to perfect your big day without ruining you. White lace should be a must-have item of romantic wedding dresses. With an ever elegant design, you can find a sexy, elegant, classic, modern and even original wedding dress. It is nevertheless possible to personalize and make your wedding dress tailor-made for it to plate marvelously.

    Come see below the new collection, including strapless wedding dresses, cleavage heart, asymmetric, diving neckline and short wedding dresses. Be the D-Day princess with the latest eDressit shouts.

  • Cocktail/Party Dress
    Cocktail/Party Dress

    Party Dresses or Cocktail

    Are you looking for a radiant cocktail dress for the holidays? What's better than a cheap holiday dress from eDressit? EDressit.com is an online shopping site specializing in the evening & wedding area, which offers you a huge selection containing hundreds of cocktail dresses at very low prices for a cocktail as for a party. Cocktail dresses come in many styles, close-fit party dresses, small romantic lace dress, retro vintage novelty evening dresses, simple and chic A-line cocktail dresses, or sexy cocktail dresses with pretty décolleté like The V-neck, wrap-around, strapless, asymmetrical collar and back neckline, you choose!

  • Mother of the bride Dress
    Mother of the bride Dress

    Mother of the Bride Dresses

    It is necessary that the mothers are well dressed. And that's why we offer you this bridal mother's dresses collection, in which you will find dresses very classy and classy, long or knee, and in very chic colors that are suitable for the matte skin as for the pale complexion. These bridesmaid dresses are available in all sizes, and if you feel like making your custom dress, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

    Marriage is the biggest day of life, not only for future spouses, but also for moms, so check out now the dresses collection for the bride's mother, they also have a say!

  • Bridemaid Dress
    Bridemaid Dress
  • Printed Dress
    Printed Dress

    Printed Dress

    There are many reasons to opt for the unique print dress from eDressit: a wide selection of printed patterns, flattering cuts, splendid colors, top quality fabrics, very professional service as efficient, Measure, and everything for a great price! Discover the latest trends in dresses dressed in printed, which make you the most remarkable of the evenings among the crowd, reflecting your personality as your unique taste in fashion. EDressit.com offers color and style styles, which diversify from one another, to your choice, long printed evening dress or patina printed dress, American collar or strapless, for you to find the perfect model .

  • Tailor Dress / Work Dress
    Tailor Dress / Work Dress
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